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Road King Fish House 6.5 feet wide Portable Houses
Road King Premier
For your outdoor and fishing recreation we have Ranger houses/campers on drop down wheels. You can take the standard package as is, add options, or we can custom outfit it for you to almost any level of convenience and luxury you desire. We know you like to be able travel down the road easily and many times you want to carry a load so we don't bother with the 2200 lbs GVW trailers (most fish houses are at or above the 2000 lb mark when you buy it with nothing else in it). We beef them up and make sure they're rated for 3500 lbs GVW. That way they travel smoothly as you take your fish house on trips or from spot to spot.
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Here is what Doug (tightlines) a satisfied customer has to say:
I had purchased a Road King frame last fall and built a house. It is a 6.6 X 14. I gotta tell ya that that frame was pulled over some pretty extreme landings and off road conditions.I saw a few other houses that were permanently twisted frames from rough conditions. That 2x3 heavy frame you guys are building did not twist one inch and it pulls down the road strait with no swaying. Boy am I glad I bought mine last year.

CondosAssault - Soft side fish house - on trailer
We also have the Conda Minium, Conquest and Assault houses with portable ice fishing style fish houses on trailers. These babies travel as a trailer allowing you to transport ATV's, snowmobiles, or whatever you'd like. The fish house fold out much like modern portable do today. Talk about roomy fishing quarters. The Condos have it for you.
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Road King Drop-down trailers Road King Trailers
If you're looking for the best drop down trailers available for less money, then you have come to the right spot. From cranks to hydraulics, single to tandem axle, we can custom make what you need. These trailers can be modified for year round, multi-purpose use, depending on your specific needs.
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How to Get Your Road King
You can special order or get one right in stock depending on availability. Generally you will want to place your order six weeks prior to needed delivery.
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How to Contact Us & Locate Us
We make things easy, you can contact us directly online, by phone call, or snail mail. You won't be disappointed with our happy service guarantee. This is the easy part, we already know the Road King line of multi-purpose portable shelters and trailers will make you happy.
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