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Road King Drop-down trailers Road King Trailers
If you're looking for the best drop down trailers available and to save money, then you are at the right spot.

From cranks to hydraulics, single to tandem axle, we can custom make what you need.

Road King trailers are rugged and built to carry the load smoothly down the road. These trailers can be modified for year round, multi-purpose, use depending on your specific needs.

Extreme Ease & Mobility
The Road King trailer can be down on the ice or ground in less than 2 minutes and back up in less than 3 minutes (with the fish house on and fully loaded). If you have the hydraulic push button lifts, cut that time down even further. Can you say fast and easy.

Here is what Doug (tightlines) a satisfied customer has to say:
I had purchased a Road King frame last fall and built a house. It is a 6.6 X 14. I gotta tell ya that that frame was pulled over some pretty extreme landings and off road conditions.I saw a few other houses that were permanently twisted frames from rough conditions. That 2x3 heavy frame you guys are building did not twist one inch and it pulls down the road strait with no swaying. Boy am I glad I bought mine last year.

if you'd like more information or just keep reading. You will be pleased.

Our 1st priority is quality, price, and your satisfaction.

We want you to have the best you can get for the money. Don't settle for cheap frames that require a lot of work to get up or down or are only rated for 2200 lbs GVW.

We know how tough things can get out on the ice so we steered away from cheap angle iron bracing. 2" x 3" steel tubing is the only way to go for both durability and ease of travel carrying a load down the road or on ice.

We have the following Road King Drop-down Trailers available to order:


6'6" x 10'----3500 GVWR--------$1749
6'6" x 12'----3500 GVWR--------$1849
6'6" x 14'----3500 GVWR--------$1949
6'6" x 16'----3500 GVWR--------$2049
8' x 16'-------3500 GVWR--------$2149

ROAD KING DROP-DOWN TRAILERS - Torsion Axle & Hydraulic lift.
Includes hydraulic lift, torsion suspension, and jack stand.

8' x 10'----3500 GVWR----Single-----------$2649
8' x 12'----3500 GVWR----Single-----------$2849
8' x 14'----3500 GVWR----Tandem--------$3499
8' x 16'----3500 GVWR----Tandem--------$3699
8' x 18'----3500 GVWR----Tandem--------$3899
8' x 20'----3500 GVWR----Tandem--------$4099

(all trailers are at or below legal road width - 102")

To order or for more info

Standard Features
The following features are standard on all Road King Retractable Wheel Frames unless noted otherwise.

  • 3"x3" square tubed drop tongue system (Standard, not a $75-$100 option like the others) - no need to unhook vehicle from fish house while hammering Red Lake slabs, or Devilšs Lake perch.
  • Retractable wheel system with leaf suspension and dual direction cranks for 6' 6" wide trailers.
  • Push button hydraulic lift for 8' wide trailers.
  • Tandem axle, where noted above, for durability and ease of travel for 8' wide trailers.
  • Torsion suspension for 8' wide trailers.
  • Jack stand for 8' wide trailers.
  • "New" 14" tires, rims and spindles rated to carry up to 3,500 pounds.
  • Heavy duty steel fenders (Note inside upper half is covered to help keep grime from spraying up onto yout fish house).
  • Heavy duty winches and cables.
  • 2"x3" rectangular tubed frame with cross braces every 24 inches for long term structural support (NO cheap angle iron).
  • Safety chains, 2" coupler and propane rack included.
  • All frames primed and painted.

Now it's possible to load all your gear and an ATV. Get a Road King trailer and keep those axles running straight.

Great for summer hauling or a hunting shack too.


  • Tongue jack installed - $75
  • Spare 14" tire and rim (rated for 1,760 pounds) - $125
  • D-Rings(Installed EA) - $20
  • Torsion Single Axle - $249
  • Torsion Tandem Axle - $399
  • Crank-Up Wheel Kit - $499 (Includes fenders, winches, springs & hub assemblies)

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    ---> To arrange to see or purchase them in Alexandria, MN - Alexandria Outfitters
    call: 1-320-763-.
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    Here are some pictures:

    Drop Down Hitch

    ROAD KING Retractable Wheel Fish House Trailer

    In the raised and lowered positions:

    In the raised and lowered positions:

    ROAD KING Retractable Wheel Fish House Trailer - Lowered

    How to Get Your Road King
    You can special order or get one right in stock depending on availability. Generally you will want to place your order six weeks prior to needed delivery.
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    How to Contact Us & Locate Us
    We make things easy, you can contact us directly online, by phone call, or snail mail. You won't be disappointed with our happy service guarantee. This is the easy part, we already know the Road King line of multi-purpose portable shelters and trailers will make you happy.
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